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12 PM

Charlie Cooper 

CMO of myOnlineBusiness

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1/20/2021     10:57:18     America/New York

Ever wonder how to get your visitors, subscribers and followers to take action?

When’s the right moment to present them with an offer they just can’t resist?

And what if you do, but it turns out you’re wrong?

There are easy solutions for each

 of these concerns

Join us at an exclusive webinar, coming this month from Charlie Cooper, myOnlineBusiness CMO, and find out strategies that will help you communicate effectively with your prospects, so you never miss a sales opportunity again.

Business and their customers differ, so there’s no one right answer to these questions. But at the webinar we’ll tell you how to find an answer that’s right for you:

How does your audience use your content?

Are they engaged and how can you track that?

What’s the next step once you’ve got their attention and interest?

Host Bio

Charlie Cooper is one of the founders of myOnlineBusiness, a recognized blogger, business development trainer, autor, speaker and sales expert with passion for teaching and sharing experiences.